Sunday, February 23, 2014

Back again?

After my last post, I did not expect to go this long without some sort of progress...  So, I am poking around the 'Net for inspiration and appropriate miniatures.

As 15mm seems to be riding a new wave of enthusiasm, miniatures will not be too hard to find.  So, the key for success will be in the rules.  I am thinking that Impetus is not quite the set for me, and I am therefore looking at replacements.  DBA/HoTT are good candidates, and well as Chipco's Fantasy Rules!, and maybe even MAYHEM.  Each has its good and bad points.  I prefer the basing of the latter two - they use 40mm squares - to the WRG style, but DBA/HoTT are played locally on a regular basis.

It is still my plan to make historical and fantasy armies, maybe even set it up so they can morph between the two genres as appropriate.

Nothing is set in stone yet and options abound.  As the budget for this project is at $0 for the moment, I intend to write up an actual plan and see how that goes.  Might even bring the lovely wife into it as well with her own army...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


3 months between posts is too long.

As I am without any discretionary funds at the moment, and with a desire to paint up something 15mm, I am going to dig through my 15mm figure stash and come up with something to work on, just to see if I can paint this size of figure to my liking.  I know that there are some Landsknechts (Essex) in the box somewhere, and some late Middle Ages from Rank & File, among others, which is helpful as I am leaning towards a medieval project more than the classical ancients.

Pics, hopefully, will appear shortly...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dusting off this blog!

It has been a while...

Despite my affinity for 28mm, I am reconsidering 15mm mostly due to cost and space.  Money is tight at the moment as is space for games.  Also, 15mm looks better in a mass-battle aspect; 28mm nails it for skirmishes.

Along with this, the rest of the project is up for reconsideration also.  Greeks/Persians are still a possibility, but I am also thinking about Successors, Romans/Gauls/Pontics, Late Romans, and 13th century medieval.  Rules are another aspect up in the air; there are many possibilities and I can not rule out the chance that I will want to paint up some fantasy armies as well!

So, hopefully much to blog about.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The project

I have always been a bit of a butterfly when it comes to projects. Most all periods of history fascinate me, and unfortunately that makes it hard to narrow down a project and keep focused. Take this post from Jet at Geektactica - lovely stuff there. Makes it hard for me to keep to the Greek/Persian project. So, I am also thinking about a 13th century set! The pertinent army lists would be Feudal French, Imperial German, and Communal Italian.

The big deciding factor will be the availability of good minis, although the feudal armies might mesh better with the eventual fantasy armies project...

In the good news department, the bases order from Litko has shipped, so I need to get going with getting some paint on my minis.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New download site for Impetus Fantasy

Previously, the rules for Impetus Fantasy were only on eSnips. They are now (as per this post on the Impetus forum) available through Hotfile - see this link

UPDATE (10-2011) - Basic Impetus Fantasy is now here as per this post on the Impetus forum.

UPDATE (10-2013) - Basic Impetus Fantasy is now on the main Impetus site - download it here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Although it is more to support my Half Continent project at Threwdish Ways, I have ordered a small quantity of bases for Impetus from Litko. These are a mix of 3mm thickness plywood: 80mm x 20mm, 80mm x 30mm, 80mm x 40mm, and 80mm x 60mm. I did order enough to have just a little something to start my project here!

But, what is my project for this blog? I am going to start with Classical Greek topics, both the wars versus the Persians and the struggles between the Greeks themselves. This is going to be a slow-burning project, as I am still amassing research materials. I have a few books, and some other rules - mostly for inspiration. Obviously, the minis will be 15mm but what manufacturers? That remains to be seen...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On the left I have added a series of links for Impetus-related information, including free downloads.